We want more people to live well through homes that are affordable, sustainable and Rooted in Community.


Just as trees tap the potential from developing deep roots so it is our hope that we can too, coming together across the North of Tyne to pool resources and skills that puts community at the heart of what we do, creating shared space that encourages the community to mix.

Space not just for residents but for the wider community.  As we get to know each other better we are more likely to give and receive help.  Research revealing that living in this way significantly reduces isolation and loneliness and improves our health and well-being. In the natural world, trees have an extended root system that taps into the roots of other trees, able to access water and nutrients from each other. 

We have seen the community coming together in food banks, in community gardens, in community groceries from a heart of helping and supporting one another.  This same heart has led to the flourishing of community led housing with 1000 homes built already and another 16,000 in the pipeline.  It allows everyone in the community to be involved. 

Everyone will have their own front door and space of their own... but with New Roots we will be better able to interconnect, be stronger together, and put down roots that will last.

Sustainable & affordable

Designed and built to enable residents to live according to one planet principles – well insulated & making the most of naturally available energy. With no developer profit and the benefit of significant voluntary contributions alongside the ability to attract grant funding

Bringing people together

Community led housing enables people to come together right from the start, getting to know each other as they work with architects in the layout and design of the homes they will live in. Neighbourhoods that are connected and linked by green spaces and not tarmac that is typically found elsewhere.

The pooling of resources

Pooled resources and skills helps keep costs down not only in design but also in construction. It also keeps future management and maintenance costs as low as possible, in contrast to what some have experienced where people do not have the same control over these arrangements.

Future Proof

Lower prices and higher environmental standards will also contribute to lower long-term costs since the current expectation is that energy costs will continue to rise in the long term. Our approach also prevents houses being sold on the open market so they can retain their affordability for future generations.

We want more people to live well through homes that do not cost the earth; are good for the planet; and rooted in Community.

+ More Community

designed to build community – everyone with their own front door, communal space to mix across the generations, and secure forms of tenure to put down roots.

Multi generational and family size use

In contrast to many developments the approach provides for a mix of home sizes and is open to all generations and all people from single persons to larger families.

A greater sense of community

A space for residents to meet, eat and socialize together, and with community comes a greater sense of security and more opportunity to engage.

Fulfilling modern day needs

Where there are greater opportunities for people to work from home. With space for creche facilities, it also better enables single and other parents to work without sizeable child care costs.

To respond to isolation and loneliness

The Jo Cox Commission highlighted that isolation and loneliness affected most people including half of all parents, over 40% of 17 to 25 year olds, eight out of ten carers, one in three people over 75.

+ More Affordable

Keeping prices down - through having no need for a developer profit and the opportunity to see land gifted or conveyed at reduced cost given charitable aims.

Lower Costs and Prices

With no developer profit, and grant aid covering the additional sustainability costs, net build costs and so prices would be less than other new build costs in Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland.

Long term affordability

Counteracting the rise in average price of an average new house. In Newcastle new house prices have tripled in the last 20 years. In North Tyneside, it has more than tripled. In Northumberland it has also tripled in 2000 - 2020.

Rooted in the Local Community

As a community benefit society (CBS) New Roots is open to everyone in the community to become part of. As a CBS we can source land, facilitate the design of the development, secure planning permission, and work with everyone in the local community.

+ More Sustainable

building to higher environmental standards – better for the planet and purse now, avoiding the extra costs of retrofitting at a later stage.

One Planet Principles

We tick all the boxes for Health and contentment | Equity and local economy | Culture and community | Sustainable water | Local and sustainable food | Travel and transport | Materials and products | Zero waste | Zero carbon. Better for the planet and the purse

Reducing CO2 impact

We build to a much higher environmental standard than current building regulations – making it easier to generate much of the energy from natural sources. Homes can be built without the need for a gas supply and radiators.