Our Team & Partners

Philip Harding

Over our life time we have had the privilege of living in places near to Bournville in Birmingham and New Earswick in York. Places where good quality homes, built in a green and pleasant environment would allow people to lead fulfilled lives and strengthen the bonds of community.

If this was possible over a 100 years ago, should it not be something that we should see more of now? We are beginning to see the green shoots of this, with thousands of homes being designed and built by local groups with a heart to see more communities live in this way.

This is our heart too. And what better place than in the North East. Known for its pioneering spirit. Known for it’s warmth. Known for the seeds of the great reform act that inspired the recapturing of the common good. And what better and more urgent time to rediscover the value of community. That together we can better respond to the challenges of climate change. That together we can build homes that are more affordable, more sustainable and more rooted in community.

Frances Harding

Having seen the many struggles with housing that different groups of people have faced; I have become increasingly concerned with how the current system works. I’m convinced that a safe, secure place to call home is a necessity.

As Covid has shown us the lack of appropriate housing has increased feelings of isolation; anxiety and highlighted issues around mental health.

As a person of faith, once I see injustice I know Jesus helps me to be part of the answer. So that’s why I’m passionate about building communities that work for everyone involved – both those living there, and the wider community surrounding each development.

New Roots Team

Our Team is essentially everyone who gets involved. We have around 40 of us now and we hope to see this grow to at least a 100 in the next year or so. Now formally established as New Roots Community Land Trust Ltd, we have moved to a a core group of 6 directors/trustees who oversee the management of New Roots. The picture shows us eating together prior to one of our meetings.  We expect the core group to grow over the coming months. 

Our Partners – we have received very favourable support from all three councils in the North of Tyne area – so Newcastle City Council, North Tyneside, and Northumberland County Council. We have received advice and support from Communities CAN who are the enabler for Community Led Housing in the area. We are members of the North East Community Housing Network and the Community Land Trust Network. We have received financial support from Communities CAN and Northumberland County Council to help with the setting up of New Roots as a Charitable Community Land Trust. We expect to receive support from other councils and organisations in due course.”