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Creating affordable and sustainable homes rooted in community

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Creating affordable and sustainable homes rooted in community across the North of Tyne.

Our mission is to create homes that are affordable, sustainable and rooted in community so that everybody can live well no matter what their circumstance.


We want more people to live well through homes that are AFFORDABLE not costing the earth; SUSTAINABLE good for the planet; and Rooted in COMMUNITY.

We will draw on the successful experience of others that have enabled homes to be;

Rooted in Community

Designed to build community – everyone with their own front door, communal space to mix across the generations, and secure forms of tenure to put down roots.

More Sustainable

Building to higher environmental standards – better for the planet and purse now, avoiding the extra costs of retrofitting at a later stage.

More Affordable

Keeping prices down - through having no need for a developer profit and the opportunity to see land gifted or conveyed at reduced cost given charitable aims.

We are a Charitable Community Benefit Society & Community Land Trust

New Roots is registered as a Charitable Community Benefit Society and as a Community Land Trust – New Roots Community Land Trust Ltd.  In this way, the land and property that New Roots owns will be rooted in, and owned by the community, for the benefit of current and future generations. 

Life has changed drastically over the past 50 years

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There is a considerable lack of affordable homes throughout the UK, and the North of Tyne is no exception to this.

With prices tripling over the last 20 years and the average new build price now ten times average earnings. The number of people renting has doubled over this period.  Those renting are ten times more likely to have to move each year than owner occupiers.  Such moves make it more difficult for people to put down roots, adding to the lack of security that many experience.

Our aim is to create housing that is more rooted in community, more sustainable and more affordable – not just for the moment, but for the long term.


Changing lives.

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Working together in partnership.

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